Umbrella Therapies

DEBBIE GABY Family Therapist (UK Council for Psychotherapy) – All ages.

I am a qualified Family Therapist who has been practising for over 16 years, registered by UKCP and a member of AFT (The Association of Family Therapy). I abide by the codes and ethics of these governing bodies and am professionally insured. I have specialist experience working with a wide range of issues and within a range of settings: CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health), schools and various other agencies such as fostering and Social Care. In addition to therapy sessions I am also available for professional consultation.

I currently work in private practice and am a lecturer in Systemic Family Practice for a Post Graduate Tavistock and Portman course based in Stroud. 


Systemic Family Therapy is a creative Psychotherapy which encompasses all ages from childhood to older age and works with individuals, couples, families or groups of people.

Families come in all shapes, sizes, ages and cultures. There is no such thing as a perfect-normal family, only a unique family. Every family has its own way of doing things and it’s unique ups and downs. Sometimes however, families face challenges beyond the usual ups and downs. A family or individual can become stuck within a problem or situation where there seems to be no way out. This is where Family Therapy can be helpful.


It is up to you to decide who you would like to come. Anyone can come who is significant for you to bring. Sometimes you may wish to come alone and other times you may choose for others to attend. Sometimes you may want to bring a friend or someone who supports you. The decisions around who comes along and how can be worked out between yourselves and the therapist according to what is most helpful at the time.

Individual therapy is important too. You may feel like you are the only person holding the problem and this in itself can be overwhelming and lonely. When I meet with an individual I work with that person’s own experience and there is no pressure to bring another person or family member into a session with whom that person does not feel comfortable or wish to involve. It is still very much possible to think in lots of different ways about the significant people in your life and your relationships without others always attending sessions with you.


I mainly practice from my base in Wotton Under Edge on Mondays but am able to offer virtual sessions on Thursday mornings subject to availability.


An initial telephone consultation is offered for FREE.

Session prices are then as follows:

-Individual Sessions are £55 each*
-Family and Couple sessions are £75 each**
N.B. Each session typically lasts between 45 and 1 hour. If you would like longer then 1 and a half hour sessions are available to book at a reduced cost

-Bespoke family therapy treatment packages as requested or allocated by Local Authorities are priced separately so please do get in touch if this is something you wish to discuss further.

Mostly sessions of one hour are adequate, particularly with younger children. Family and couple sessions sometimes require longer so that each person has the time they need within the session. (Sometimes for an individual adult where there are complex issues you may also wish to choose an hour and a half).

*For child clients (under 18) where one parent or guardian may join the session, this is still priced as an Individual session at £55 per hour.

**Family and Couple sessions qualify as at least two adults or one adult with more than one child. This work may involve different combinations of family members.


Payments are accepted via cash or bank transfer within 48 hours of each session.

Last minute cancellations (within 12 hours of session commencing) will incur a cancellation fee of £35


I ensure client safety is a priority and during the pandemic I have begun offering virtual sessions where needed. Please wear a mask in the waiting area but note that it is not essential for you to wear a mask within your session unless you would like to. In the same way please just ask if you would like me to wear mine as feeling comfortable within the room is important. I ask that clients wash their hands before coming into the session and I provide hand sanitiser for you. My room is well ventilated with an open window that is not overlooked which maintains privacy. 

If you would like to get in touch to discuss any of the above or to arrange an initial telephone consultation please phone, text or email me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Email:   Mobile: 07969 601975