Umbrella Therapies
   Counselling for young people
Nikki Simpson (ages 11 plus) Based in Stroud
Sarah Anderton - integrative counselling for parents
Integrative Counsellor & Parenting Support 
Sarah Anderton (ages 18 plus) Based in Stroud
Counselling for young people and parents
Rhiannon Duggan (ages 11 plus) Based in Wotton-under-Edge and Nailsworth
Alida Roberts
Alida Roberts (ages 13 plus and parents) Based in Wotton-Under-Edge
Petro Solle - Play Therapist
Play Therapy
Petro Solle (ages 3 – 13 and parents) Based in Stroud
Saira Todd - Art Therapist
Arts Psychotherapy
Saira Todd (ages 5 plus) Based in Stroud
Linda Revington - Arts Psychotherapist
Art Psychotherapy and EMDR 
Lin Revington (Early years and ages 11 plus) Based in Nailsworth

Respecting your confidentiality

Confidentiality will vary according to the different age groups. Therapy is confidential which means information that is shared with us is private. However, we would only share information with another professional if we have serious concerns about our client’s safety. Each therapist will discuss this with you at your first session.