Umbrella Therapies

How are you feeling today…?

Sometimes you feel happy… and you play with your friends, Sometimes you may feel sad or angry and alone. Words can be hard to find; feelings can get stuck. Your parents or your teacher might have noticed and want to help, but sometimes they can’t.







What Do Therapists Help With?

Therapists help you understand your feelings and look at the things that are making life difficult for you. They listen and they try to see things the way you see them. They have paints and toys and other great stuff that you can use to show how you’re feeling inside. You can decide.

Lots of children find that after a while the painting, the playing and the talking help to change those stuck feelings. Click on the pictures of us below to find out more about how we can help.

Saira Todd - Art PsychotherapistPetro Solle - Play TherapistLinda Revington - Arts Psychotherapist





We are passionate about making a difference, restoring hope and working together for a more positive future.